St. Mary’s Academy

St. Mary’s Academy (SMA) is an independent Catholic school for girls rooted in the tradition of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Serving young women in Grades 7 to 12, the Academy offers the advantage of an all-female environment that encourages students to excel, to explore personal talents and to exercise leadership. We have a long tradition of over 150 years of providing an intellectually challenging academic program, an extensive campus ministry and religious education program, and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Our mission is to nurture young women in spirit, mind and body. Our goal is that each graduate leaves the school empowered with an awareness of her gifts, a desire for excellence in all endeavours, and a sense of social responsibility to use her gifts in service and generosity to others.

Faith and Spirituality

At SMA, we educate in faith, providing varied religious and faith experiences that inspire students to become informed, spiritually alive women. We infuse the Charism (the gifts of our heritage) of the SNJM throughout the curriculum and all activities of the school community in support of the lifelong faith journey of our students, mentoring our students to develop and embrace their faith lives. Our Catholic identity and the Charism of the SNJM influences and impacts all members of our school community: students, staff, parents, alumnae and boards.

Academic Excellence

SMA provides an environment and opportunities for young women to identify and develop their talents and leadership potential. High academic expectations promote the values of hard work, personal responsibility and encourage student engagement in their learning. Our intellectually challenging programs foster life-long learning and prepare students for their post-secondary education. All students follow a full day academic schedule, with opportunities to pursue the arts, athletics and student-led clubs beyond our regular school day.

The All Girls Advantage

Studies identify several areas in which single-gender education produces favourable outcomes for girls, especially in terms of their confidence, engagement and aspirations.

An all-girls setting has been shown to provide a certain comfort level that helps girls to develop greater self-confidence and broader interests. At SMA, young women are surrounded by positive role models and mentors. Our students see that girls are capable of aspiring to every role — in school productions, on sports teams and in leadership.

Research confirms that girls who attend all-girls’ schools have an edge in post-secondary education and in the professional world.

At SMA, we’re proud to witness the benefits an all-girls environment has for our students.

Leadership Development

SMA provides an environment and opportunities for young women to identify and develop their talents and leadership potential. We firmly believe that our students are the leaders of their future. That’s why we encourage student voice and action in a wide variety of activities and roles at every grade level.

Our clubs are student led, with guidance and mentorship from faculty advisors. Students from Grade 7 to 12 are encouraged to participate in clubs to help plan activities and form community with their peers.

Preparation for Post-Secondary

SMA graduates, with few exceptions, continue their educational journey immediately after high school. Over 95% of our graduates receive an offer of admission to post-secondary institutions. Our Flames Alumnae, among them, have been accepted to many top-tier university and college teams across Canada and the United States.

Graduates report being well prepared to meet the academic challenges of post secondary studies and are able to manage their time effectively. Committed, caring and enthusiastic faculty present a challenging and focussed program in a nurturing learning environment.

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